Dessert Menu

Only a house-made dessert can satisfy your sweetest cravings! 

Fruit-topped cheesecake dessert

Whether you’re rounding out a full dinner service or including sweets in your hors d’oeuvres offerings for the party or meeting, you’ll find something delicious and satisfying in our dessert selection. Our Chef will help you choose the freshest fruits in season to delight your guests and make the most of each event.

Cheesecake – plain or topped with seasonal fruit – $4.50 per guest*

Vanilla Bean Butter Cake – whipped mascarpone and sweet cream topped with fresh fruit – $3.75 per guest*

Chocolate Bundt Cake$3.50 per guest*

Seasonal Cobblers – fruit served hot and topped with a crumble – $3.75 per guest*

Brownies 3 Ways – original, caramel bacon drizzle, or blonde – $3.45 per guest*

Sales tax and a 21% service charge are added to final bill.*  All prices are subject to change.

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